Hold the date, announcing the ownCloud Contributor Conference and Hackathon

ownCloud Contributor Conference

We just announced the upcoming ownCloud Contributor Conference at the TU Berlin, August 26-31. Let me quote the announcement:

“It’s that time again, time to get together to bring ownCloud to the next level! Last year was so much fun – and productive – and this year we plan twice the fun. Even those who are not yet active contributors are super welcome to join us, learn what is going on, learn how to work with the code and become an active member of the contributor community!”

Our website is up, check it out and of course – register if you want to be there!

The ownCloud Contributor Conference and Hackathon has three goals:

  • Making ownCloud more awesome
  • Sharing ideas and knowledge
  • Helping new community members get started

The Program

Making ownCloud better means coding, so we start on the 26th of August with a hackathon that lasts until Sunday the 31st.

On Saturday morning, we take a bit of a break to listen to keynotes (more information on the keynotes coming) and lightning talks. The lightning talks are to demonstrate work progress like “what’s new in the News app,” to introduce new API’s and to share knowledge like ‘write fast code’ or ‘common security mistakes.’

In the afternoon we will have workshops to teach each other more advanced skills and to help new contributors learn the ropes. Think about subjects like “writing your first ownCloud app,” “writing better PHP” and so on. Meanwhile, hackathon rooms are open again and we’ll keep them open for full coding mode until the end of Sunday.

Anybody interested in contributing to and improving ownCloud, be it through coding, testing, documentation or translating should absolutely be there. Implementing creative, unique ideas or just fixing that annoying problem – that is how ownCloud got where it is and that is how we move forward.

Entry, registration, hotel…

The ownCloud Contributor Conference is free and open. We still ask you to register to help us plan for the event. We will soon put some hotel options on the site so you can meet fellow ownClouders outside the TU.

Last year, the hackathon attracted around 50 ownClouders. This year, tell your friends about the event and bring them – let’s double that number! Promote the #owncloudconf over your social media, talk to people at your local geek hangouts, ping enthusiasts on IRC…

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