Documents Update in 8.1

documents in 8.1
Documents in ownCloud 8.1

ownCloud 8.1 delivers many improvements to ownCloud, including an update to Documents, the collaborative document editing app.

Introducing Documents

Documents allows ownCloud users to directly edit files stored in the Open Document Format, the first and most widely supported, open document standard, developed by the international standards body OASIS. Support for proprietary file formats like the widely used Microsoft Doc(x) files can be optionally provided with automatic server-side conversion through LibreOffice.

More than mere editing, Documents allows users to edit documents simultaneously with others, sharing the changes real time and allowing collaboration on documents.

Watch the video below and read on to learn about what’s new and better in Documents for ownCloud Server 8.1!


Documents builds on the WebODF Javascript library. We synced Documents to the latest version of WebODF, which solved a number of issues and improved compatibility with more ODF document type features. The update also brings in Annotations support and some more direct formatting options to the toolbar. These include paragraph alignment and indentation buttons. Moreover, the shortcuts to copy and paste (CTRL-C and CTRL-V) now work reliably in all popular browsers, and text formatting has become more robust.

We hope you will enjoy the much improved Documents in ownCloud Server 8.1!

4 Responses to “Documents Update in 8.1”

  1. Menelic

    Thanks for the concise answer! To enable real collaboration, would it be possible for users to pick a standard font, typesize and style to differentiate their input? So tat user 1 sets all his text input to appear in bold italics by default, another uses underlined font x etc? I know that this coan be done manually, but that is not practical for review – what I m asking is about approximating a real “review mode”. I’m sure this is of interest for many other users, which is why I am asking here. Thanks in advance!

    • Jos

      No, this isn’t possible at the moment. You see color differences while working but not afterward, this was never a design goal for the app. It probably would not be terribly hard to add this, though – but that is something which will require development work.

  2. Menelic

    Great news, annotations are very welcome.The video leaves me with two questions: Can authors respond to comments and resolve them once agreed? Also, it’s not clear whether the author colour highlights are persistent between editing sessions. If I close a collaborative session and reopen it, are the changes from the last session still attributable to different authors? That has not been the case in the owncloud documents app so far,would be important for real document collaboration. Since text formatting has improved, a simple solution would be through the persistent ascription of specific text formatting to specific authors. See this issue for reference:

    • Jos

      You can remove the comments, I’m not sure if you can comment in other comments.

      The colors are not persistent, they change between sessions and it doesn’t remember who changed what and when.

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