January, 2015

ownCloud is 5 years old!

ownCloud was announced in 2010 by Frank Karlitschek.
Having started with just a handful of enthusiasts, it has grown to a community with hundreds of developers and millions of users! Find our blog about the anniversary here and see a full timeline of ownCloud events on our history page.

Below we proudly present you some of what makes ownCloud strong:
the ideas and creativity of its users and contributors!

Quotes and congratulations

"It is unbelievable that ownCloud is just five year old. Looking at the amazing feature set one could think it has been in development for ten years at least."

–contributor since 2011 Jakob Sack, Germany

"Here’s to another five amazing, innovative years of freedom of choice!"

– ownCloud user since 2012 Nassos Kourentas, Greece

"Love, love, love my owncloud. Just recently upgraded from version 5 to version 7."

– ownCloud user since 2013 Jody Hoagland, USA

"Was looking for cloud software, without giving my data to the NSA, lucky me i've found ownCloud"

– ownCloud user since 2013 Sander Brand, Netherlands

"Let’s rock the world and make open-source a more important thing. We’re quite a great showcase project when somebody asks about some cool open-source stuff"

– ownCloud contributor since 2012 Lukas Reschke, Switzerland

"ownCloud is a rally good product.Thank you to all the developers."

–ownCloud business since 2013 Naukri, India

"Before OC, I made and used my own bash-script to sync my files online but OC has ajaxed drag and drop feature in browser like a desktop. And it can sync on multiple devices."

– ownCloud user since 2013 Faisal-ur-Rehman, Pakistan

"I have been on ownCloud since March, 2014 as TestPilot and I bumped on it by accident on the internet. I love it because it is easy to use."

– ownCloud user since 2014 "mudzimba", South Africa

"BI use it to keep my kids' Minecraft saves synced between computers. Move the saves into a folder in Owncloud, delete the original save folder in the MC dir, then symlink to the Owncloud location. Works great!!"

–ownCloud user since 2013 John Thieling, USA

"I use ownCloud as a lazy way to avoid having to write a "Downloads" page. Just share the folder via a link and include the link in the web page. Awesome."

– ownCloud user since 2013 "Robin Jacobs", Europe

"Keep up the good work, delivering a powerful AND simple solution running like a charm on my Pi"

– ownCloud user since 2013 Antoine Guilloux, France

"I simply love the community which was roughly 45-50 contributors when I had joined and is now touching 200. So, a very very happy ownCloud! You are our 5 year old but an extremely mature kid now

– ownCloud contributor since 2012 Raghu Nayyar, India

"I've been ownclouding since version 5 and it's getting better and better.
Hopefully we'll enjoy ownCloud for years to come"

– ownCloud business user since 2013 Philip Lages, Netherlands

"I am using owncloud since version 5.x somewhere around and it get's better from version to version. At university a few students I know, also use OwnCloud. More and more use owncloud. It's simple and it's a very good solution!"

– ownCloud user since 2013 Christoph S, Germany

"It works. Thats the most important reason I use it. And it did not cause much maintenance overhead so far."

– ownCloud user since 2012 Martin 'Helios' Steigerwald, Germany

"Wish all the best for the next years.
Thanks Frank for the idea.
Thanks Jos for helping us promote it.
Thanks community developing the tool!!!"

– ownCloud user since 2011 Efstathios (Stathis) Iosifidis, Greece