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ownCloud keeps your files secure and private - you decide where you host your data.


ownCloud is extensible with new functionality to provide all you need to live your digital life.

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Trusted by hundreds of organizations worldwide

The Scientific Atom Smashers in Switzerland
Joy Global Inc. is an American fortune 1000 company that manufactures and services heavy machinery used in underground and surface mining.
Swiss retail chain offering products for home improvement, gardening and workshop all over Europe.
DeLongi is a major Italian appliance manufacturer.
The university of Hawaii has 50.000 students and famous alumni.
Jefferson National replaced Dropbox with ownCloud to keep their financial information secure
Through Sciebo, 22 German universities scale up to 500,000 users on a federated ownCloud network.
German Railway Deutsche Bahn uses ownCloud to organize its transportation services.
Technische Universität Berlin and home of the ownCloud Contributor Conference.
Datto is one of the worlds leading backup solution providers and integrates ownCloud in all their backup solutions.
IPC is a Canadian Wealth Management company running a series of subsidiary companies in the financial services and investment area

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