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Efstathios Iosifidis
Upgrade openshift instance from ownCloud 6 to ownCloud 7
August 22, 2014

My final ownCloud instance (I hope) was the openshift one. The truth is that I don't use this. I started it to test the service. This time I did it with Updater.

1. Go to User Menu>Admin>Update and click on Update Center. The updater app has to be installed. If you don't know how to do it, here is the documentation.

The following image will come up. It'll inform you that it'll create a backup. You click on proceed.

Updater openshift

2. Now it'll start the procedure of upgrade you instance. Click on Start update.

Updater openshift

3. Wait couple of minutes.

Updater openshift

4. If everything was OK, you'll see your files (as I told you I didn't start to use it).

Updater openshift

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Efstathios Iosifidis
Very easy and fast way to install ownCloud 7
August 22, 2014

Right after ownCloud 7 release, I started to test it on my Raspberry Pi. Here are some tutorials about how to install it. Unfortunately, it's not that fast and it doesn't give me the full experience of ownCloud so I'll try to enter Banana Pi competition.

The reason of this post, is to show everyone that it's way too easy to install ownCloud.

1. Download the file setup-owncloud.php and place it in the server folder. You can create one folder eg owncloud and put it there.

2. Open your browser to the address

Web Installer

3. The installation proposes you to install ownCloud in the directory ownCloud. So when you open it, it'll be like http://serverIPadress/owncloud/owncloud, something that you don't want it. So if you type a dot (.), it'll install it inside the parent folder (http://serverIPadress/owncloud).

Web Installer

4. If everything went OK, it'll return you the result.

Web Installer

5. Now you're ready to create the administrator user and password. Also at Storage/Database, you better put the data file outside the installation folder due to security reasons.

Web Installer

WARNING: If you have many users, DON'T use SQLite (default). Hit Storage/Database and change it there.

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ownCloud Contributor Conference takes shape – adds more than 30 lightning talks and workshops
August 21, 2014

ownCloud-Contributor-Conference-300x240Yesterday we announced conference keynotes from ownCloud’s Frank Karlitschek and Mozilla’s Dan Callahan. Today, we’ll give you a more detailed look at the events’ schedule.

The hackathon

The Contributor Conference kicks off with a hackathon next week – on Tuesday, August 26. ownCloud contributors will get together to discuss and code away on features, fixes, documentation and other areas of ownCloud. This will be a very open event, where anybody interested can come in with their laptop and ideas and discuss code.

If you are an existing contributor, you can meet old friends or see the faces behind the IRC nicks for the first time. If you are new, the friendly and open community will take you in and you’ll find your way into the ownCloud code base in no time!

The focus is on getting work done on ownCloud and we look forward to helping you dive into the code and  implementing your vision for data ownership!

The conference day

Coding in progress
Hackathon 2013

On Saturday, a conference day will open the morning and the afternoon with keynotes by Frank and Dan as well as an exciting program of short talks and technical workshops. The program on Saturday looks like this:

9:30-9:45 Opening
9:45-10:30 Keynote Dan Callahan
10:30-12:00 Lightning Talks
12:00-13:30 Lunch
13:30-14:00 Keynote Frank Karlitschek
14:00-15:00 Lightning Talks
15:00-15:30 Break, group photo
15:30-18:00 Workshops
18:00-18:30 Closing session


The day will feature more than twenty lightning talks and half a dozen workshops – there will be a lot to see and learn!


The talks are short, giving you a fast-paced overview of the state of ownCloud, our development tools and API’s and what is going on in the ownCloud community.

  • ownCloud development progress is detailed in talks about ownCloud apps and core functionality. It will cover the Calendar app, the Desktop Client, the Music app, the Firefox OS app, SailfishOS integration, the Files app, User Management, the state of ownCloud security and more. Also expect a look at the changes in ownCloud since its inception!
  • ownCloud API’s and tools are presented, including our translation and testing infrastructure, the API client libraries, and practical experiences with interfacing with ownCloud.
  • Community subjects are featured, like the progress during the GSOC, the new Bountysource page, how to join the ownCloud design and website teams, the work on demo.owncloud.org and more.
The hackathon visitors last year
Group photo 2013

The conference also features workshops where you can learn more about ownCloud development. App development will be covered in a long workshop, with the first half dedicated to beginners and one hour with more advanced coding work. Other talks – aimed at beginners – will be about securing a PHP app, connecting your Javascript webapp to ownCloud using WebDAV. For more advanced coders, a workshop about UI design and a workshop about interfacing the desktop client with the server will keep you plenty busy!

The hacker rooms will be open during the workshops. You can sit down, write some code or discuss ownCloud with others. A lot of interesting folks will join us and we expect an entertaining “hallway track”.

On Sunday, we’ll finish the week off with another hackathon day, bringing people, code and inspiration into an exciting mix!

Be there!

You can read more about the event and register on the ownCloud website. We want everybody to feel welcome so please be mindful of our code of conduct!

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ownCloud’s Karlitschek and Mozilla’s Callahan to headline ownCloud’s Contributor Conference
August 20, 2014

The ownCloud Contributor Conference kicks off in just about a week. Following some code crunching on from Tuesday to Friday, Dan Callahan, Senior Software Engineer at Mozilla and ownCloud’s founder Frank Karlitschek will keynote the event’s Conference Day on Saturday.
ownCloud, and Frank, is dedicated to protecting the privacy and security of individual and corporate data. Saturday’s Conference Day is dedicated to discussing ways to improve this.

Identity management and privacy

callahadAt Mozilla, Callahan led the persona project, which attempted to improve the privacy and security of online authentication. Persona offers a user experience comparable to social login systems like Facebook Connect, but without leaking tracking data to third parties or locking users into centralized services. You can read more in this interview with Dan Callahan.

In his keynote, Dan, a self-described Free Culture / Free Software believer, will discuss the challenges and opportunities facing Mozilla and ownCloud as they pursue their common mission: defending free society by ensuring that we all have meaningful control over our online data and communications.

The next thing we have to tackle

Frank Karlitschek Frank needs little introduction: he is the founder and current maintainer of the ownCloud project and has been a Free Software advocate and contributor for a very long time. For him, the importance of control of users over their data has been important for a very long time and it is at the core of his keynote. But rather than go into the why, he will discuss where we – as software developers and the open source community – should be heading next.

Be there!

The ownCloud Contributor Conference is here, with the hackathon kicking off on Tuesday the 26th. The talks and workshops following the keynotes by Dan and Frank on Saturday the 30th will be detailed in a blog post in the coming days, stay tuned!

You can read more about the event and register on the ownCloud website. We want everybody to feel welcome so please be mindful of our code of conduct!

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ownCloud 7 Review Contest: Win a Banana Pi!
August 18, 2014

The Banana Pi board (image from wikipedia)ownCloud 7 has now been out for a few weeks and many of you have been using the new release. We would like to hear about your experiences with ownCloud 7 so we’re inviting you to take part in the review contest we are announcing today. There are prizes: we will raffle off 3 Banana Pi devices among the submissions!

A Banana Pi is pretty much like the well known Raspberry Pi board: a credit card-sized single-board computer. Thanks to the more powerful hardware (dualcore 1ghz, 1GB ram, 1Gbit network) and the extra features like the SATA connector, the Banana Pi offers a very nice ownCloud server experience. You can find tips and information on the device on the Banana Pi website and the site of LeMaker, the creators of the Banana Pi.

The contest details

Every review (video or text) that fits our requirements gets a chance to win one of the Banana Pi devices. You can share the review you made with us with the hashtag #owncloud7review to our ownClouders account on twitter, google+ or facebook or post a link here below. Make sure we can contact you!

The winners as well as a selection of the other comprehensive reviews will be featured in a post on this blog. You have until the 29th of August to publish and share your review.

The requirements for the review are as follows:

  • Length: minimum of 500 words or 5 minute video showing ownCloud. Language should be English.
  • Content: Share your original review of ownCloud 7 and at least 2-3 of the new features; not copied from somewhere! Have your own angle on ownCloud 7
  • Media: Includes multiple screenshots and/or video of ownCloud in action. If only video, have voice or text explain what there is to see
  • Suggestion: test some of the third-party ownCloud apps or talk about using ownCloud in a non-standard way like on a NAS, Raspberry/Banana Pi, in-car entertainment and so on!
  • See owncloud.org/7 for a complete list of what is new and some inspiration for your review

We will announce the winners on the ownCloud Contributor Conference on Saturday the 30th.


The small text:
The contest is open for all EU, US and Canada citizens. ownCloud Inc. employees and their immediate families are not eligible for participation. By entering this contest, you give ownCloud the rights to republish and/or link to your original content. Winners of one of the three Banana Pi boards will be picked at random from the list of blogs and posts which fulfill the requirements outlined in this blog post. Reviews of ownCloud 7 already published before the date of this article can still participate. All posts must be public and submitted via social media or in the comments on this blog by the 29th of August 2014. ownCloud Inc. reserves the right to disqualify any entry for any reason, in its sole and absolute discretion. Winners will be notified by email and asked to provide a shipping address for the prizes.

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