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Google improves support for ODF
December 18, 2014

The Open Document Format, published November 2006, aimed to make complex documents more future proof. Most competing document formats were non standardized, complex, binary formats which would make their contents hard or impossible to read in contemporary applications a decade or two in the future. An open standard is a big step towards preserving data for future use. Another advantage is that it reduces the costs of switching between different applications, giving users more choice in the tools they use to process documents on and off line.

Google recently announced that they would start to support ODF in Google Drive, bringing those benefits to their users and customers. As Simon Phipps pointed out on Infoworld, Google still has work to do as currently change tracking, annotations and other meta data will get lost, showing that for both Google and Microsoft, “ODF is seen as a migration format rather than as a working format”. He also points out that these changes might come by “because there’s no doubt official interest in ODF around the world is growing”.


No matter how much of a work in progress it still is or the motivations, we’re glad that Google Drive joins ownCloud in the ranks of cloud technologies supporting open file formats. Wider adoption of ODF benefits open source and the software industry in general. A well-defined standard is easier to support in a wider range of software, ultimately benefiting users by decreasing their reliance on any single tool chain or network connectivity.

Of course, only open source software allows all stakeholders to move the needle and influence the direction of software development! For those interested in pushing forward the state of technology related to collaborative editing, our Documents app team is always looking for skilled contributors who want to help improve this collaborative writing application!

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ownCloud 7.0.4 is here!
December 10, 2014

It is time to update your ownCloud server! The fourth update for ownCloud 7 Community Edition has been made available. The most important enhancements from the changelog:

  • Added XMLWriter check
  • Better deleted outdated previews
  • Store storage credential in session only if needed
  • Don’t disclose relative directory path for single shared files of user
  • Password reset fixes
  • Fix enable app only for a specific group
  • fixing port configuration in trusted domains
  • LDAP fixes
  • Make group search case sensitive
  • Allow admin to change users display name
  • ldap performance improvements
  • config.php can now be read only
  • Several smaller fixes

Get the latest packages from owncloud.org/download!

Upgrade in progress     Upgrade finished

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Klaas Freitag
Dolphin Overlay Icons for ownCloud Sync Client
December 8, 2014

Our recent ownCloud Client 1.7.0 release contains the new feature of overlay icons in GNOME nautilus, MacOSX and Windows. That is nice, but that makes us as old KDE guys sad as Dolphin was missing on the list.

KDE's Dolphin with overlay icons for ownCloud

KDE’s Dolphin with overlay icons for ownCloud’s file sync

That needs to change, and here we go: Olivier Goffart wrote a patch to do overlay icons also in Dolphin, which was not straightforward, because in addition to an dolphin plugin, also a patch for libkonq was required.

We prepared some test packages in our development repository isv:ownCloud:devel for those who wanna try and know their way around. Current it only builds for a couple of openSUSE Distros. You need to install kdebase4 and dolphin-plugins and after installation, it’s easiest to restart KDE to make it registered. But be warned: The two packages replace packages from the previous installation, only do it if you really know what you’re doing!

It would be great if at least the libkonq patch could make it to upstream, and I would appreciate if somebody who is a bit more fluent with recent KDE libs development could give me a hand on that. Otherwise, if distros wanna pick up the patches to make the overlays work, of course the patches are here: patch for libkonq and the ownCloud Dolphin plugin. The plugin will work with the released version 1.7.0 of ownCloud Client.

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ownCloud love from Linux Journal readers
December 7, 2014

statsYou’ve shown again what a community can do, building and standing behind a great product! Thanks to your support and votes, ownCloud looks great in the Linux Journal’s Readers Choice Awards.

Frank just blogged about ownCloud sharing fourth place as Best New Linux/Open-Source Product/Project, together with Steam and Zenoss. On top of that, we made second place in the category for Best Cloud-Based File Storage. Last year we just beat the number three, Google Drive, this year we left them in the dust and we are nipping at the heals of Dropbox.

Next year, we mean to grab another seven percent and beat the number one, help make it happen!

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