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ownCloud provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices — wherever you are.

It also provides a platform to easily view & sync your contacts, calendars and bookmarks across all your devices and enables basic editing right on the web.

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Getting started is simple: ownCloud runs on almost every server and doesn’t require special permissions. Your own instance is only a few mouse clicks away!

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Raghu Nayyar April 24, 2014
Kickstarting Google Summer of Code 2014 with #ownCloud. Let the fun begin. @ownClouders @georgehrke #fb
Thomas Tanghus April 24, 2014
@walialu yw, but I'm afraid it was also me who flooded your log files to start with ;) @ownCloud
Frank Karlitschek April 24, 2014
The self made twittering surveillance lamp. Nice project! #ownCloud
Frank Karlitschek April 24, 2014
Boston next 10 days. Then Berlin for re:publica and LinuxTag! #ownCloud
Jos Poortvliet April 24, 2014
@samirnassar @ownCloud Congratulations ???? good to hear it worked out!
Raghu Nayyar April 23, 2014
"@StephenSkaines: @raghunayyar Is it possible to configure owncloud so user sets password on first log in?" cc @ownClouders
Frank Karlitschek April 22, 2014
The value proposition of Open Source #ownCloud
Raghu Nayyar April 21, 2014
Building the #ownCloud Calender as Google Summer of Code Developer 2014 with @ownClouders for the upcoming summers.
Mark Ziegler April 19, 2014
@colinmunsiegm just add all your #dropbox files tomyour #owncloud using its desktop Client.
Frank Karlitschek April 19, 2014
Achievements unlocked! Talking on the same stage as David Hasselhoff In other news: That´s a joke, right? #ownCloud

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